Port forward to openVPN clients

  • Hello guys. My situation

      ( cisco )
          LAN1 –----- ( pfSense ) ------- LAN2
        ( squid )

    pfSense is used as openVPN server. Clients from internet and LAN2 have acces to servers in LAN1,
    cisco forwards oVPN ports to pfSense, so everything is OK.

    LAN2 oVPN users can use internet through (squid), it is also OK.

    But I want to have some incoming internet packets to be forwarded to LAN2 servers. Is it possible?
    Can pfSense route incoming connections from cisco to a certain port of oVPN client?</internet>

  • Guys, any ideas?

  • Your diagram doesn't show where OpenVPN fits it, which makes it hard to answer.

    The short version is - it is just networking, forward ports as you would normally.  Remember that the end point needs to have a fixed IP address.