Different language on this forum….

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    I see a lot of postings in Indonesian, French, Russian asf…..

    Is it possible to sort this, so it is only plain english posts showing up on the listings of new topics??? So I dont see all this foreign language?

  • You can minimise the non-English language forums, but that's it since no forum software (yet) has the ability to automatically detect content/language and move posts to a more appropriate forum ;)

  • I think he/she is talking about "show unread posts since your last visit".

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    Exactly… :)


  • There isn't any way to do that. I'd like to see the same, maybe it'll be added to future versions of SMF. If you could mark a whole subset of boards as read, that would help immensely.

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    Is it possible to make "Show unread posts since last visit. " work like a subscription service??

    So one could add the desired subsets to the subscription? Thereby only the markes subforums will show in the mainwindow…