OpenVPN Tunnel Bandwidth utilization

  • Is there any way to find out what the bandwidth utilization is on my OpenVPN tunnels. Is there a plan to have this type of graphing added in the future?

    I'm just wondering if it is native already in PF. I'd like to know as I am in the process of building this ability via SNMP polling to a NMS Server. But if I'm able to do this via the GUI, BONUS.

    We have a policy of monitoring bandwidth for both physical connections and VPNs, both cannot exceed 40% utilization before planning for additional growth. I know IPSEC bandwidth is native, just wondering if it is possible for OpenVPN also as we use both types of VPNs. I'd like to get a picture of what our VPN utilization is for future bandwidth augmentations.


  • Anyone?

  • Deathly silence suggests not.  You'll probably need to raise a bounty.

  • Well guess I will continue to use the external SNMP server.