Virtualbox (Pfsense) , Host XP

  • Hi Guru,

    i'm trying to do a testing on Pfsense using my current Laptop running WInxp SP2.

    I install a virtualbox with pfsense install on it..

    Installation is going smooth w/o any error. I can able to see that
    My WAN is able to get a IP from My router(WRT54G) ,
    and LAN is a dedicate different subnet ip (

    I try to ping my router and it work w/o a problem.

    But how come i can't connect to my webgui ?? I use both WAN and LAN ip also don't seen like working.

    I'm using IE without Proxy setting..May i know how can i further troubleshoot this problem ?

  • install on your physically networkcard from laptop a second ip-adress with

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