Captive portal: firewall rules don't work without pass through.

  • Just wondering if this is something addressed by the RC or 2.x? Firewall rules don't work unless I have an IP bypassing the CP, there are users I would like to be handled by the CP but still have forwarded ports available.

  • A bump in case anyone knows if this is addressed in RC3?

  • With your limited information question, i think it is possible in both.

  • There isn't much to the question. I'm running 1.2.2. I create firewall rules allowing ports through the firewall to IPs in the private network. These rules don't work unless those IPs are in the bypass list for the captive portal. I would like the rules to work without bypassing the captive portal. I will try the RC in future but would prioritise that task if this issue is no longer evident.