Internet access via OpenVPN

  • I wonder can I access Internet on Vista through an OpenVPN connection to a remote pfSense 1.2.2. server, which has access  to Internet?

  • Yes.

    If you're unsure about how OpenVPN works I'd strongly recommend you read the OpenVPN documentation, available on their web site.

  • The OpenVPN documentation referes to different UNIX OVPN servers, but not to pfSense. For example, how do i edit the server config file using pfSense?

  • Through the GUI the package provides.

  • pfSense = FreeBSD

  • what would the server configuration look like to achieve a setup were the client surfs the internet throught the vpn

  • Depends on how you want to do that.

    You can either put up a proxy server (say squid) and configure the client to use that, or you can push the default route (push redirect-gateway def1) to be down the VPN.

  • so with the push rule would internet explorer lan settings would have to change ? cause as far as i know with push enabled you can't browse the internet

  • Can I strongly suggest you:

    a) Read the documentation for OpenVPN, as found on the OpenVPN site
    b) Stop making random assumptions based on nothing but guesswork

    You add that setting (push redirect-gateway def1) to your OpenVPN server configuration (which is what you asked about).  That will then cause the default route for traffic to be through the VPN.  Assuming you've configured the rest of your network accordingly you can then browse the Internet.