CP not sending caller-ID info to Cisco ACS

  • I am having an issue with pfSense in that I am not seeing the caller-ID information passed to our Cisco ACS RADIUS server. I have included my previous post since it gives you a sense of our network topolgy in regards to our pfSense server.

    "I am having an issue with the captive portal for clients that are not on the same subnet as the LAN interface. When these clients access the internet, they are shown a blank page. Also, http://<pfsense sever="" ip="" address="">:8000 shows a blank page as well. I tested from a client on the same subnet as the LAN interface and the captive portal worked just fine.

    When I disable the captive portal, these clients are able to get to the internet. I have ruled out a routing issue and DNS resolves correctly. Help please. Thanks."

    The authentication works fine until I configure a NAR (Network Access Restriction) in Cisco ACS. Since I don't see the caller-ID info, the NAR prevents the user authentication. I tried both the default and the Cisco RADIUS type and have the same results for both. Our RADIUS server is reachable via the LAN interface.</pfsense>

  • Not sure about the caller id portion but when you receive a blank page its a sign of:

    1.  Captive Portal cannot locate a MAC address for the client (disable mac filtering)
    2.  Captive Portal cannot locate a IP address from the client (shouldn't happen, but …)

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