Remote / External Portal Page

  • I'm looking to integrate PF Sense into my system and to do that I must figure out how to setup a remote / external Portal Page.  I am fairly certain I can create a local HTML page that redirects the user to my Centralized Portal… but I cannot find anything on how to communicate from my central server to the PF Sense box.  If possible I would like to setup a SOAP/XML interface but I'm completely open to any other ideas.  Does anyone know how this can be accomplished?  Is this even possible with PF Sense at this point?

    Background information: Currently I'm using Nomadix and Colubris for their captive portal capabilities... and for many reasons I don't want to use them anymore.  Mainly I want the extra functionality/versatility that PF Sense can provide.  Also, I am currently using Radius for my Authentication / Accounting; I know this is already supported but just thought I should mention it as part of my setup.

    NOTE: I've already scoured the forums for any information on this topic... if I just missed it can someone point me in the right direction?

  • Ok so I've found another opensource App called CoovaChilli that supports the external Web/Portal Page.  This is the exact functionality I would like to see in PFSense… am I the only one?

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