Wirelless with PC engines Alix

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to make the following setup, and i'd like to get answers and comments of what i'm trying to do.

    I'm buying 2 ALix (pc engines) with dual wifi pci cards.

    So my first question is what the better wifi cards for using with alix and pfsense.

    Then I want to allow to connect 100 or 200 clients (WIFI) simultaneous, with radius.

    What advice do you have for me to permit 100 or 200 clients simultaneous connected ? Multi APs ? 2 alix working togheter with wifi cards ?

    In the future if I want to allow more clients simultaneous what setup do you recommend ?

    Sorry for my english

    Thank you

  • Since no one more versed in this area has spoken up, let me step up and offer some opinions.

    1. Wireless in FreeBSD/pfSense is pretty good, but not 100% bug free. I personally would run commercial APs for a large scale, critical project.
    2. GruensFroeschli may step in and school me, but I think trying to run two g radios in an Alix is a bad idea. I don't not think it will perform as you expect it.
    3. IMO, 100 clients connecting to an Alix (or any AP) is wildly optimistic. I think you need to do some testing or at least research this a bit more.
    4. Atheros cards are generally considered to be the best bet under FreeBSD.

  • Hi, thank you for reply to my questions and help me solve my problems.

    My solution to run two cards on alix was to cover both 2.4Ghz a 5Ghz bands.

    Ok maybe alix is not to powerful to have so many clients, maybe I will need more acess points and a PC instead of and alix board.

    Yes i'm very inclined for atheros card, do you know if there are any 700mw or 900mw wifi cards that works with pfsense (mini pci, so I cant make some test with the alix board) ?.

    Thank again for helping out

  • @Playmobil:

    My solution to run two cards on alix was to cover both 2.4Ghz a 5Ghz bands.

    Oh, that should be no problem.

    Netgate has some high power mini-pci cards. This one should work fine: http://www.netgate.com/product_info.php?cPath=26_34&products_id=694

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