Pfsense rewriting my LAN IPs

  • I've got an Alix 3 port box doing routing and NAT.

    WAN-LAN is routing with a routable subnet on the LAN
    WAN-OPT1 is doing NAT with a 192.168.x.x subnet.

    My problem is that outgoing connections from machines on the LAN side are getting their IPs rewritten with the WAN side address of pfsense.

    So a mail server connection appears as if it's originating from pfsense's wan IP and muddles things up when it identifies itself as another.

    How do I turn the rewrite off for LAN -> outside world traffic?

  • Firewall –> NAT --> outbound
    Enable manual outbound NAT rules.
    Delete the autocreated rule and nothing should be rewritten anymore.
    Make sure you have the correct static routes on the upstream devices set.

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