Major Issues

  • I have had the worst luck with pf.  Install goes fine.  every workstation pulls an IP and all is great.  except i need alot of ports forwarded for my servers.  This is were my luck turns to the worst.  After filling out all the ports, i cannot get to the pf web interface any more.  ie.. if the pf box Ip is and I type that in, i should normally get the login for pf, but in my case I do not.  I get my webserver page.  I nat'd  all external to forward http to http correctly.  So either I can not enable the forwarding for my webserver or I cant get to the pf anymore.

    Also after all the ports are natted for the servers, and I ie.. need to install a firefox extension, my mail certificate comes up instead of going to the firefox addons.

    Any thoughts?

  • Turn off reflection in System -> Advanced or move the web port from the standard port to something unique.

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