DHCP on WAN Blocked?

  • Without changing any settings, it would appear that pfSense is now blocking the DHCP assignment from my cable modem.

    Sep 19 21:57:22 dhclient[13358]: No DHCPOFFERS received.
    Sep 19 21:57:20 dhclient[13358]: DHCPDISCOVER on vlan0 to port 67 interval 2

    On the firewall page:
    Sep 19 22:00:03 WAN UDP
    Sep 19 21:59:53 WAN IGMP
    Sep 19 21:59:09 WAN UDP

    When I click on the Action, it says @559 block drop log quick all label, "Default deny rule", although I think this may be the standard block showing when it isn't actually blocking.  Adding specific rules to allow port 68 through on udp and igmp through does nothing, even though the blocks have stopped showing up in my logs.

    Any suggestions? The modem shows that it is connected, and the Charter phone modem is still working fine. I have no blocks specified on my WAN firewall page.

  • Well, ripping everything apart, trying various pci network cards, and putting it back together, allowed me to determine that putting it back exactly how it was fixed my problem.  Not sure exactly why (maybe just having the modem unplugged for a while) it is now fixed, but it is.

    What I was able to find out, is that the jetway case I bought to go with my intel motherboard is a pain to work with, and I cannot get the pci riser working reliably with the atom motherboard (I can see the network card, but it isn't able to get any traffic flowing through it, and I get a bunch of watchdog errors).  But that is a problem for another day ;)

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