Disable Xbox

  • Hello All
    I have a rather different issue that most people here.
    Most people have a problem with connecting to XBox server and stuff.
    What I need is a way to disable XBox, PS3 and World of Warcraft.
    Here is the issue my 17 year old son still need his internet to to do some research for school but i want to set a rule that will disable XBox 360, PS3 and WoW.
    I want to able to enable them on the weekend but on weekday I need to disable them.

    Any one can point me in the right direction?
    Or maybe someone has setup something that I can use?

    Thanks in advance.

  • You could create block rules with schedules based on an alias that contains the xbox 360 and PS3's IP address.
    For world of warcraft, you could create a block rule based on the ports that world of warcraft requires.

  • To block WoW, you could block connections on your LAN with destination port 3724.  I don't know whether it is TCP or UDP, though.  This will block attempts to log in from the game client.

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