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  • I'm looking for any suggest to connect via VPN two offices at a few km one to other…
    there are two LANs ex. SM 255.255.255.zzz(not 0) and SM 255.255.255.zzz(the same of the other)both are connected to internet by provider adsl whit pubblic and not fixed ip, (ex 111.222.333.444 and 555.666.777.888) trought proxy server and firewall pfsense.
    How can I do to set the pfsense for make a vpn from one office to the other?
    Thanks very much....

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    1. Read the OpenVPN documentation on the OpenVPN site

    2. Configure one end as an OpenVPN server, the other as the client to connect to the server

    3. Test it

  • I do it.
    But when I try to create a shared.key with SSH it say to me:
    pfsense:~#  openvpn –genkey --secret shared.key
    Wed Sep 23 08:39:34 2009 Cannot open shared secret file 'shared.key' for write: Read-only file system (errno=30)
    Wed Sep 23 08:39:34 2009 Exiting

    I suppose that there is some limitation to write the file system, but I don't find if it's possible to change this set write/notwrite the file system...

  • What version number of pfSense are you using?  Did you do an embedded install?

  • It's 1.2 embedded

  • That's your problem then - if you search the forum you'll find how to make the disk writeable while you configure OpenVPN.  I don't remember the details myself.

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