DHCP protocol and rules

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    I want to block all traffic in one interface except the DHCP traffic and http traffic. The http I think I know how to allow it, but the DHCP I don’t have a clue of which protocol should I allow: TCP, UDP ICMP and in which port.

    Does anybody have it done?

  • @dracunciliasis:

    Does anybody have it done?

    'DHCP' might just be one of the best documented protocols on the Internet (and still, in 2006 things aren't always clear).
    So, yes - we all have the answer (as we have Google  :)).
    A first link gave me http://www.dhcp-handbook.com/dhcp_faq.html "for starters…" (look at question/answer A.7).

    Short answer : it uses UDP on port 67 & 68.

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