Cannot extract 1.2.3 embedded gz-files & ntop question

  • I boot up my PC with Ubuntu 9.04 live-cd to wipe and write the cf for my ALIX2d13.

    I can unpack the img out of the gz-file from 1.2.3 rc1, but extracting the daily builds gz fail.

    My second question is: Is it possible to run ntop package on my alix 2d13?

  • Can you copy and paste the command you're using and the error message?


  • You don't extract the file, do that on the fly while writing it out.

    ntop is far too bloated to run on an ALIX.

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    Another question: What size CF card are you using?

    If it's a 512MB image, there is an issue with the current 512MB images in that they're really coming out 1GB. A fix just went into the tools branch that might fix this for the next run.

    In the meantime, you can try the 20090912-0341-nanobsd image and it does work on a 512MB CF (I just used it tonight).

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