VLAN <–> Cisco 2900xl

  • Hi.
    I have some big trouble setting up pFsense with VLAN trunk against a Cisco 2950xl switch
    My setup is like this:

    WAN – xl0 pfsense bge0 --- LAN
                              vr0  --- vlan 102 -|                                                |--- vlan 102 -- int0/2
                                    |--- vlan 103 -|                                                |--- vlan 103 -- int0/3
                                    |--- vlan 104 ---- 802.1q trunk ---- Cisco int 0/24 ---- vlan 104 -- int0/4
                                    |--- vlan 105 -|                                                |--- vlan 105 -- int0/5

    WAN is at interface xl0
    LAN is at interface bge0
    I have made 4 VLANs 102 - 105 and assigend them to vr0
    I have also made DHCP service on LAN and VLAN interfaces.

    When i connect a computer to one of the int0/2 - int0/5 i should get an address from pFsense, right? I'm not
    Even if I set an address on my computer I can't ping pFsense.

    The setup on Cisco trunk port interface is like this:
      interface FastEthernet0/24
        switchport mode trunk
        switchport trunk allow vlan all
        switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
        description Trunkport

    I also attached the Cisco config file....

    What am I doing wrong?
    I hope someone can help me with this.

    Paal Solvberg


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