P2P and “Allow intra-BSS communication” and rules

  • Hello

    I want to block all traffic in one Wireless interface ath0 except a P2P program DC++( direct connect) so I unchecked the option “Allow intra-BSS communication” and to start I made one rule in the firewall allowing all types of traffic in the interface ath0 and afterwards I would change that rule to only allow traffic to be done in the port of the P2P program. The rule at the moment is:
    Proto | Source | Port | Destination | Port | Gateway | Description 
    *        | ath0    | *      | ath0            | *      | *            | ath0:any -> ath0:any
    But I can’t connect to any of the other P2P clients in the same interface (ath0), I can only connect to other P2P clients on other interfaces.

    Does anybody have the solution?
    Thank you

  • You can't block traffic with source=destination subnet. This traffic doesn't pass the pfSense. In fact you have to allow traffic between the wireless clients with that option but beyond that it's not a pfSense issue.

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