Openvpn users to access second site LAN

  • Hi,

    Below is my current setup:

    Site A                                                              Site B

    LAN A–-pfsense1.2.3(ipsec tunnel)--- internet ---(ipsec tunnel)pfsense 1.2.3---LAN B
          (openvpn server)
                  (openvpn client)

    LAN A and LAN B can access each other, when User connects to Site A using openvpn, User can access LAN A but not LAN B. I enable the push route (for LAN B Network) in openvpn server settings, please advise what are other settings I may need to configure for User (connected via OpenVPN) can access LAN B.

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    I have been having the same issue but I think I have the solution, at least it works for me.
    Consider these 2 LANs and VPN connects them via IPSEC, just as your case
    Site A -
    Site B -

    If Site A pfSense has OpenVPN server set up with IP address pool and you want OpenVPN clients to access to Site B, you need to let IPSEC awares this address pool. To do this, simply edit the IPSEC setting local or remote subnet as This means you include the range of - Remember you need to change that on both Sites and also add the address pool to Site B's IPSEC firewall rules. Now any OpenVPN client on Site A should be able to access Site B. Try to do a ping. Hope it helps  :)

  • Thanks neo.matrix_23, solution works in my end too. Best regards.

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