Multiple Subnets on one wireless card…

  • Hi. Is it possible to create two subnets with a single wireless card?

    One subnet would be static-ip+wpa2-psk+full-bandwidth and access to our internal lan the other would have restricted bandwidth+dhcp+open (no key) without access to the fileshare lan.

    The card is a senao 400mW card based on the atheros AR5006 chipset.

    Coming from linux, I'm not particularly familiar with freebsd but looking forward to learning. I know this type of thing is very simple with the linux madwifi-ng drivers since they allow for the creation of virtual adapters but I'm not certain if the same type of functionality is available in pfsense.

    Your thoughts?

  • This is not possible in pfSense 1.0. Maybe in a future release but don't take this as a promise.

  • Yes, this would be a great feature.

  • Not sure how this could be possible with a single radio, when I have seen something similar done you were always required to have dual-radio's in the device as each radio is only capable of broadcasting out one signal.

    What you could do is use is a static dhcp address for the wpa2 area and leave it open on the rest. Then have a rule on the wireless card's rulset to say if you are in this ip range(those that need access to the lan) make an allow rule based on IP and then direct traffic that way. For the bandwidth shaping you could set some priority based on the IP range, this portition of it is a bit limited though.

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