Firewall Blocking paticular lan request

  • Curious why one of my lan clients would be blocked like this… Only to this address.  no rules to forbid...  1.2.3 latest.  Everything else works from machine.

    Source                             Destination
           Sep 27 15:53:08   LAN   TCP:F
    Sep 27 15:53:10 LAN TCP:F
    Sep 27 15:53:15 LAN TCP:F

    I believe its just Google trying to do lookups from this particular machine (not mine to diagnose) but just wondering...


  • I'm guessing maybe it is a retransmitted FIN segment.  Since the original FIN got through, the connection has been removed from the state table, so seeing a FIN segment is illegal and pfsense drops it (this is just a guess, mind you.)

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