Allow specific ports on LAN2

  • hello,

    i setup pfsense with 1 WAN and 2 LANs, i managed to have internet connectivity on LAN2 by copying the default rule from LAN1, which is good… however, the default rule allow all ports to pass... i wanted to restrict all outgoing ports from LAN2 and allow only specific ports (e.g. 80, 443, 110, 25 etc.) i created an alias for the these ports which i called "allowedPorts"... but when i altered the firewall rule on LAN2 specifying only the allowedPorts alias, no outgoing connections seems to work... i cant even browse the internet, but it works when i enable the default ruleset... my new ruleset is stated below:

    TCP/UDP  LAN2 net    *  *  allowedPorts  *

    i also tried specifying each ports instead of using the alias, but still NO GO... any ideas on this type of situation, guys?
    thank you very much in advance, hoping to hear from you soon.


  • Are you allowing port 53 for DNS?

  • hello,

    thank for your reply…

    no, i havent allowed 53 on the initial alias, but i did so upon reading ur reply.. but still NO GO... is there any other port that needs to be opened? thanks again :)



    i altered the alias and defined first port 53 (DNS) before port 80 (HTTP) and otehr ports... not it works :D

    thanks a lot blak :)

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