Clustered PFSENSE problem when trying to sync.

  • Hi everyone

    First here is the setup:
    2 Server running PFSENSE 1.2.3-RC1 - 2 NIC on Each (2 VLAN on NIC 1 and 4 VLAN on NIC 2)
    Nic 1: VLAN 1000 (Internet 1) and VLAN 2000 (Internet 2)
    Nic 2: VLAN 500 (Internal Network) VLAN 600 (DMZ) VLAN 700 (WIRELESS NETWORK), VLAN 900 (PFSYNC)

    When I have only one firewall its working ok, I have 0-5% CPU Usage and everything is working fine.

    When I power up the second Firewall, it goes ok for a while then it sync, (The sync interface typically transfer between 10-60Kb sec before I start)

    Then its where everything goes ….
    PFSync interface start transmitting at 20-30MB/s, and is broadcasting on all vlan instead of only the correct 900. (Since this vlan doesn't go out of the switch I should see no traffic increase anywhere on the network, but all my uplink are showing 100% usage)

    The CPU goes from 0-5 to 25-50... even 75%

    Then its up and down like this as long as I keep the second firewall up. When I close it its fiine and goes back to almost normal, I noticed the CPU usage is not dropping and the # of process is not dropping either. I am puzzled as it use to work fine when I did the set up and one morning I came and saw part of the network unresponsive and the PFSync interface had been transfering over 100GB per day...

    Is there something that rings a bell?

    Thanks a lot! :)

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