Bridge not work in pfsense?

  • Hello Alls,
    I'm deploy Pfsense last version to ESX server and config transparent with ''

    So..I'm attachment my diagram as attachment below.

    I'm can't ping out from 'test_window' (Guest VM) behide pfsense  to another VM.

    What i wrong ?? and Is pfsense not working in bridge mode?

    Anybody who know please suggestion to me.

    Bancha K.

  • we need more details….

    have you tried to traceroute from your "test_window" machine?

    where does the traceroute fail?

    can you ping the firewall from "test_window"?

    if you are on the console of the pfsense firewall can you ping a host upstream?

    why esx server and not esxi? i've used esx for a while and have become partial to esxi as it's performance and footprint are superior. also, vmware has stated that esxi is the way of the future..

  • For your question,

    1. tracert from 'test_window' was not solve and can't ping to default gateway (Router ISP),It's faile at first hop.
    2. For ping from firewall (pfsense) to 'test_window' is work fine (reply from 'test_window')
    3. For ping to defaute GW for 'test_window' (ip default GW on lan card) not reach (can't reply)
    4. for console firewall (pfsense) pint to another host can ping and reply.
    5 I'm run on ESX 3.5 up3 not esxi

    any suggestion ???

    Bancha K.

  • Hello!!!

    No one can help me?????

    Any updates ???


  • Hello!!!

    No one can help me?Huh?

    Any updates Huh

    busy + it was the weekend…

    So,  first things first. i'm assuming that you are familiar with vmware esx and have setup networks using virtual switches and all works correctly as far as that goes.

    can you provide your IP addresses/subnets for all machines as well as your routing table on the pfsense firewall?

  • Yes,

    For detail ip as below,


    Another VM (not behide psfense and work can ping outside to anyware)
    IP 172.16.10.X/24 (Connect vSwitch1)
    Gateway :

    Pfsense FW.

    Wan : (connect vSwitch1)
    Lan (bridge to wan) : (connect vSwitch2)

    DEfault GW :

    For 'test_window' VM (Behide FW).
    IP: (Connect vSwitch2)
    Gateway :

    For policy on pfsense 'All source' to 'All Destination' and 'All services' and action 'Accept'

    Any updates ?


  • No one can help or know in issue??

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