PfSense on NanoStation5?

  • I have been looking at the NanoStation5 from Ubiquitus Networks and find it very interesting. I have not been able to find any info yet on the software that is running on it, but I would love to use it with pfSense. Is this possible? Has anyone been able to get this to work?

    I have a project where I would like to use two of these boxes to link two houses together. There is clear line of sight, and the distance is less than 200 m.

    The advantages of the NanoStation5 to me is size, price, POE and the signal strength. 5GHz also counts a bit…

  • The web page for the Nano ( says the cpu used is a MIPS. As far as I know, pfSense hasn't been ported to MIPS.

    Unfortunate isn't it? They look nice units.

  • Thanks. Yes, it is unfortunate… Well, guess I will have to work with the built-in software then :-)

  • Found something even more interesting for my own house! Take a look at this:

    Yes, it runs on the same chip and thus probably do not have pfSense possibility… YET! Notice the challenge for the software? There is a lot of money to be had for a project... Maybe this should be looked at as a way to get a good sum of money for the pfSense project? I will make a separate thread for it.

  • This news caught me just before bedtime. REALLY great news! I will have sweet dreams now…

  • Yes

    Si se puede, si entendí correctamente la pregunta, de un lugar a otro esta conectado mediante 2 nano uquititi, la interface es por cable de red, yo recientemente instale y funciona correctamente.

    Lugar1 –------------------ Lugar2 ------ Pfsense
    Note que Lugar1 y 2 estan separados por 10kms y lugar 2 se conecta mediante un cable de red a la wan del pfsense
    lugar 1 y lugar 2 usan nanostation5

    Lamento que mi ingles sea malo

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