Vmware workstation 6.5 and Pfsense webgui works just with my external IP??

  • I configure PfSense as it was. I just changed the LAN Ip to since is already taken by the host machine and router.

    Now I was able to login to PFsens webguil with the deafult WAN Ip which was eh? With Wan IP?
    However, when I first started the WebGui I set my PPPOE settings just fine. The Webgui said something about rebooting in 120 seconds but it did nothing. I couldt connect back either.
    I rebooted the VM by hand and it connected with the PPPOE settings to the internet. Now I tried to connect with the webbrowser to it with the set LAN Ip wich is but I cant.
    However I can login with the PPPOE IP number just fine. I think something isnt set right…..
    Help please.

  • Now I have cnaged the em0 to LAN and em1 to WAN.
    I'm able to connect with the LAN ip now. But PPPOE WAN doesnt seems to work now. What is wrong now. Jezusssssss. It just says NONE(PPPOE).
    I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with the NICs. I have 2 physical nics but I can only use one for Vmware cuz the other is running IPTV.

  • Update 3.

    Ok I got both working now. I had to bridge them both. Now what….

    How do I make use of this routing now on the same computer that PFsense is running? Or is this not possible at all?

  • It works just fine. Finally I was able to combine 3x 20Mbit with just 1 NIC, 1 modem and one computer.  ;D

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