FreeSWITCH configuration needed [$60]

  • i've asked for assistance on this before (and got some helpful advice), but i realize that i am incapable of doing this in the time-frame that i have.

    i have a customer with a Panasonic TDE with sip capability, but it does not support extensions if either PBX OR sip client are behind NAT.
    i would like to use freeswitch to help me get around this

    what i'm actually trying is to setup a gateways in freeswitch to register to SIP extensions off the Panasonic (on the LAN) then have SIP clients (x-lite) on the WAN side use the freeswitch as a gateway to the Panasonic 1:1

    x-lite(x501)–-\                      pfsense/freeswitch      /sip.ext401
    x-lite(x503)---/                    <ext   ="" gatewy="">    \sip.ext403/    <sip.extensions<br>i hope that makes (some) sense, i know it may be a weird setup.
    what i'm trying to do is if ext 501 picks up a line to dial out it only grabs the gateway attached to the sip extension 401 off the Panasonic. also if the Panasonic rings its own sip ext 401, it needs to ring ONLY ext 501 on freeswitch. i'd also need  the same 1:1 mapping on the other extensions, does that make sense?

    the pansonic pbx provides sip extensions that require a username and password. i give up on configuring the dialplan according to my needs, i also need to make sure the freeswitch will grab the proper sip extension off the Panasonic when a line is needed. also is there a way to have the freeswitch pass through a transfer initiation to the sip trunk side? they will need to transfer calls to extensions within the Panasonic PBX.

    thanks to mccrane, he helped me to get the x-lite softphones at least registering with freeswitch, but thats as far as i can get on my own

    i am offering $60 for someone to configure the setup on my system. i will give that person FULL access to the pfsense box that i have set up.
    i will need to be able to copy this config over to the actual customer box and i will also need to be able to change the freeswitch extension passwords in the future (if employees leave) but i hope i will not need to access anything else other than that.

    it should be pretty simple for a freeswitch expert but it is simply out of my league.

    although i beleive i explained my needs thoroughly, here is a link to my original thread for reference:,17381.0.html</sip.extensions<br></ext >

  • I will send you a private message with my contact information.

  • @mcrane:

    I will send you a private message with my contact information.

    sry for late response, was all tied up. i'll get u everything u need tomorrow when i get into work. thank you!

  • okay

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