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    I have an Untangle box in bridge mode behind pfSense, the former does all the content filtering, and now  the school has new access policy to allow only a few people to have web access. It can't be done using Untangle unless I avail of 'Policy Manager' which is a paid service, I've tried blocking via a rule I created but it doesn't work because I suppose pfSense is seeing the request coming from Untangle instead of the client ip. How would I be able to implement this via pfSense? What special configuration if any I have to do? As last resort I'm thinking of removing the Untangle and leave it all to pfSense but the latter wouldn't be able to do protocol control just yet, I wish v2.0 is production ready already.



  • The requests shouldn't look like they are coming from untangle. Are your clients using pfSense as their gateway?

  • pfSense is the default gateway, Untangle in bridge mode has no firewall and just do content filtering.

  • How is your blocking rule setup?

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    Why dont use Captive portal??

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