Pfsense is accessible from the web

  • Hey guys, I am trying to figure out whats going on here.  I have pfsense running in a virtualized environment.  I have a domain name (say pointed at the same machine because I intend to install a web server on the host of the same machine.

    However, I notice that whenever I go to, it takes me to the login page for pfsense.  I have no entries in the NAT section that should forward my prot 80 to my virtualized pfsense ip (in fact, I have no NAT entries at all anywhere).  Does anybody know why my port 80 is still accessible?  Thanks

  • The webinterface of pfSense runs on all interface the pfSense has.
    Did you create a firewall rule on the WAN allowing access?

  • You do not need NAT for this to happen! Check if you allowed access to your WAN interface on Port 80…

  • Sorry for the delayed response! Apparently, I had a rule allowing all the ports forwarded from my VM, this appears to have been added by default.  Does anybody know why?  The description is "Default allow all on WAN in VM."

    In any case, disabling the rule has fixed my issue.  Thanks!

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