2 x XBOX 360 and WHS

  • I've put this in Gaming, as it more relates to the XBOX's than the WHS.

    I have got 2 XBox 360's running on their own subnet, on their own interface in pf sense, and my WHS on another subnet, on the LAN interface.

    Before I installed pfsense, everything was running off a Belkin router on one subnet, and I could watch all the movies stored on the WHS through the XBOX's.

    Now that they are on different subnets, the XBOX's cannot see the WHS. I am not running Media Centre on any of my PC's, I am just trying to access the movies and music from the Music and Video library options in the XBOX menu.

    There are not any special firewall rules which could be interfaring, there are only allow any rules on both interfaces.

    I don't use XBOX Live, I only use the internet connection for downloading content and updates, so firewall and NAT rules aren't really an issue

    If you need more info, please ask, as I am pretty new to pfsense, and networking, etc in general

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