[Solved] Allow web interface WAN access

  • Greetings to everyone,

    I am using pfsense with:

    • 1 ethernet WAN interface
    • 1 ethernet LAN interface
    • 1 wireless OPT (WIFI) interface (atheros)

    All working without problems, the way I want them.

    I am new to firewall rules, and I want to be able to access the pfsense web administration interface (lets call it: webAdminGUI) using SSL from outside the LAN (I mean a computer connected to the WAN).

    I searched the forums and found something related here:

    I did add a rule at the bottom of the 2 default ones that: allow any any to WAN 443 (HTTPS)
    But it did not work. I can type the IP address from inside the LAN and I see the web interface (webAdminGUI), but it does not work from a computer connected to the WAN.

    The thing is that I don´t trully understand what do I have to allow, as the pfsense box it's somehow in the middle between LAN and WAN.

    I have dynamic IP, with dyndns configured to update the address IP.

    Question: Wich rule do I need to add to allow pfsense administration (web) using a computer connected to the WAN interface?  :-[

    Thanks  :)

  • In general, you can't reliably access a service on the pfsense via the WAN interface from inside.  That is a shortcoming of pf, and that's life.  Can you access it from outside?

  • Thanks for the reply danswartz. I think I did not explain the problem good enough.
    I just edited the first post message to try to explain the issue better.

    In simple words, I just want to admin pfsense using the web interface from any computer outside my network through SSL.

    Thanks for the help!

  • could you post the actual rules?

  • Here they are:

    And sorry for the newbie question…  :-\

  • Curiously, after a system reboot all started working fine and I can access the web interface in a secure way from outside as I wanted.

    Thanks for the help danswartz and to all that read the post to try to reply!  :D

  • Glad it's working.  I've had a glitch or two where rebooting cleared up whatever stale state/entry was causing issues.

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