NanoBSD not booting on Nokia IP 130

  • Hi.

    I've just wrote the 20091016-1230-nanobsd snapshot on one 1 GB Compact Flash.

    I put the CF in my IP130, using a IDE-CF adapter.

    It does not boot "fully"…
    I get the first menu (with the two Freebsd choices 1 and 2).
    If I hit Enter (or let the menu time out),then the cursor goes to the line underneath (CR/LF) then nothing...

    I tried the very same CF in an ALIX 2D2, it boots without issue.
    I also wrote another image (1.2.2 embedded) on the same CF and I can boot both the ALIX with it but it does nothing at all on the IP130.

    I did each tests (1.2.3-nanobsd and 1.2.2) with the CF-IDE adapter in CS, master and then slave.
    In CS or master, I get the 1 -2 menu (1.2.3) or nothing (1.2.2).
    In slave, nothing happens.

    On the other hand, my old 2.1 GB harddrive with 1.2.1 embedded on it is able to boot the IP130 (appears as master-pio4).

    Do you guys have any idea why I can not boot the IP130 with 1.2.3-nano on a CF?
    Is there anything I could to do help the devs fixing it?

  • same as,
    nanoBSD stuck hunk on booting
    i dont know how to change mode boot loader device (da0/ad0) on pfsense-nanoBSD,
    but, config original freebsd nanobsd, I could also change the file "/conf/base/etc/nanobsd.conf" to reflect
    "da0" as your boot device

    any one  help !!

    One note -
    pls use  serial console rs232 and connect with hyperterminal

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