Getting Wistron CM9 to work 802.11g in 1.23-RC3

  • I have an Alix2d13 board up and running with pFsense 1.23-RC3 on a SOHO network.  All is well with the wired interfaces and I have a Wistron CM9 wireless interface board newly installed with both antennas.

    Here's the problem:  I can't get the CM9 to operate in 802.11g mode as an access point.  Everything works in 802.11b mode - wifi devices see the SSID, a connection is made and all is good.  I have the WAP (Opt2) set as Access Point, bridged to LAN, and for the moment I have a rule that allows all WAP traffic onto the LAN, just as a test.  In this mode everything works as it should - WiFi devices can connect, DHCP works, web surfing works, access to other machines on the LAN works, etc.

    Once I set the interface to "802.11g", apply settings and reboot the system, all I see on Interface status is "No Carrier", and no bytes in or out, no errors, no collisions.  It looks like the physical interface is detected, but it doesn't know how to do anything with 802.11g.

    When I first started this project I was running pFSense 1.22 and I upgraded to 1.23-RC3 to see if that would help - but no change of symptoms.

    Obviously I'm doing some newbie thing wrong, but can someone please steer me in the correct direction??

    Other than this, I am really pleased with pfSense on the Alix board.

  • Update:  If the CM9 is running in 802.11b mode, and running OK–> Then I switch it to 802.11g or 802.11g Turbo mode, the Interface Status will show "Media = Autoselect 802.11g <hostap, turbo="">.  But the connection will still really be 802.11b according to my laptop.  I don't think the mode is really changed until a retstart.

    Now when I  reboot the pfSense system while CM9 is set to "802.11g, in which case the Interface Status will change to "No Carrier"

    The only mode that I can get to work is 802.11b with CM9.

    Does anyone have a Wistron CM9 running on an Alix board in 802.11g mode?  If so what is the secret?</hostap,>

  • Try setting a channel instead of using autoselect.

  • That was it!  you can't leave the channel select set to "Auto" for 802.11g modes.

    SOLVED!  It is working great now!

    THANK YOU<<<

  • What might have happened here:
    It's possible that the "autoselect mode" selected a channel which, depending on what the country settings on your device are, isn't available.

  • There have been a lot of reports of trouble with newer builds (1.2.3 snaps at least, it may have started earlier when the base went to 7) when people use autoselect and AP mode. I think something changed in FreeBSD. Perhaps it should be noted on the doc site. IIRC, the AP howto specified auto. In my opinion, one should hard set the channel in AP mode as a best practice.

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