Recommendation for PCI card for AP mode?

  • I am looking to replace my relatively old linksys by putting a PCI card in my soekris pfsense gateway.  I know people recommend atheros chipsets.  Most of the "success" recommendations do not say whether the card is being used in AP mode or not.  Any thoughts?

  • I have a TP-LINK TL-WN651G which has Atheros chipset and works fine as an AP.

  • Cool, thanks!

  • Card showed up yesterday.  Was a little tricky to get it into the 5501 case, since you have to dismount the motherboard, plug the card in, then remount the mobo, but it is working fine (except for a an oddity with wifi/lan bridging that I will post elsewhere.)

  • This is a little late, but…
    Any reason you didn't want to get a mini-pci card? Ok, so you'd have to get some pigtails and antennas. And drill some holes...

  • that was the only reason, to be honest.  well, and also, the tp-link card i got was specifically recommended, and i don't see it in mini-pci format.

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