Video tutorials??? Maybe youtube or other vendor???

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    Instead of wasting time on written tutorials, why not record anything via Camtasia or other software??

    Including use of IP adresses and side comments??

    That would make it a lot easier to understand PFsense for a lot of people!

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    And eventually see if you could integrate youtube directly into the forum….:)

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    Some people, like myself, dislike video tutorials and want to read all of the steps in one page.

    Most of the time it feels like video tutorials take longer and I learn less. I'd rather be "told" how to do something in text than "shown" in a video. But that's me. I know everyone learns differently.

    There are plenty of wink (flash-based animated) tutorials on the site, which are sort of a compromise.

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    I know…But some date back to 1.0.1 regarding PFSense....:)

  • @Supermule:

    I know…But some date back to 1.0.1 regarding PFSense

    … which shows you what an unpopular medium it is for this kind of subject material.

    Video isn't searchable, for one. The language barrier would be another - we have plenty of users whose first language isn't English.

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    You are looking for excuses…..not solutions. How do Youtube tag their videos and my first language is not english either....


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    That's the great thing about Open Source projects, if you don't like something, you can always volunteer to fix it.

    If you want to make some youtube tutorials, go for it, send us the URLs and we'll post links.

    We're not looking for excuses, really. Part of the problem is a distinct lack of time to devote to such a task.

    Now that the pfSense book is finished and should be sent to the presses today, perhaps more time can be devoted to updating the old tutorials.

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    I look forward to reading the book :)

    I will look into what I can be of service with regarding video tutorials :)

  • Unless you want to keep the raw video footage around and keep it maintained what happens when the tutorial you've made becomes outdated because the software it is for has changed? Half of the problem for me is I will find a tutorial that will not work and will be more misleading than me not watching it at all because of how old the video tutorial is. With a text tutorial updating it is quick and easy. You edit the post and alter it accordingly. Video tutorials are fun to make and watch but they lack the power of say, a wiki, or even forum posts.

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    Mark it up with version number…..If one puts it in the forum, users can look at the different tutorials corresponding to the RC they are using....

  • People learn different ways. I for one, am a visual and hands on learner. However, if the instructions are clear and concise, I will be able to manage. Not to mention, reading instructions are quicker since I can scan for what I am looking for, skip parts I know i've already accomplished etc. I know where to go because I can see the instructions as a whole. I video is too linear.

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