NanoBSD boot hanging

  • I am testing on a Supermicro ATOM board. The system is running with a SATA CF adapter and a 1GB CF Card. Here is the rub.

    The system completes post and completes boot of pfSense if I have a console cable attached.
    If I try to boot with out the console cable attached the build never completes boot.
    After the system sets for a while if I attach the console cable the system completes boot of pfSense.

    What would cause the NanoBuild to pause and wait for the console cable to be attached? Is there any way to kick the build over to use the VGA display so I can see what is going on with it?

    Please help

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That is weird. I just tested nanobsd on a supermicro atom board today, too. I used a 2GB USB thumbdrive as a test.

    I didn't try it without a cable plugged in though. I may have to test that next time I get a chance.

    You might try tinkering with the BIOS options. There is a choice on my board for serial console redirection. That may help.

  • I figured it out.

    The mb has a function in it's bios to redirect the preboot screens out the console port. There are three options on how the board should handle this. When set to two of the options the NanoBSD build for some reason pauses if there is no console cable attached. I am assuming that the BIOS still has some kind of handle on the com port and the ttys driver is in a wait state. When I plug in the console cable the mb releases it's hold on the com port.  If I disable post boot console redirect then NaonBSD does not get hung.
    I have placed a bug report with Supermicro and all is well in my world again.


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