Can not access pfsense GUI with Alix 2c2 and pfSense 1.2.2-embedded on pfSense

  • hello:
    I installed Alix 2c2(8G CF card) with 1.2.2 version. the installation should be no problem.
    it looks ok. I have two questions to ask:

    1. i have set vr0 for LAN interface and vr1 is for WAN. vr1 is wan interface with a local IP( and I can ping from the ssytem to my, for example, but  i can not access the GUI( https and http all are down.
      how can i solve that? update to 1.2.3?
    2. does the 1.2.2 version support freeswitch pbx?

    1. Access to the webgui is not allowed from the WAN by default. You need to add a rule to allow this.
    2. I'm assuming you are talking about 1.2.2 embedded. That does not support installing any packages.
      You could make sure your BIOS is at 99h and install 1.2.3RC3 nano, which supports packages, but I don't think Freeswitch runs on anything but a full install.

    Please post questions about Freeswitch, etc. under the appropriate forum. You should stick to the webgui issue for this thread.

  • thanks for your input. i will test the 1.2.3RC3 nano.
    regarding the swtich GUI, i get the info from here:

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