PfSense-1.2.3 rc3 VM under ESXi free 4.0 VMtools out of Date or Unmanaged

  • The VM comes with tools installed, but vSphere client listed them as Out of Date.  A post in the virtualization forum listed a similar question (but for 1.2.2 VM) and the response was to reinstall the package.  My first thought is that the 1.2.3rc3 was released much after the above mentioned post, so I would have expected it to include the latest VMware tools.

    Can anyone confirm if the tools included in the 1.2.3rc3 VM were indeed the obsolete version?  It was listed as version 167859 in the packages menu.

    anyway I tried the suggestion to reinstall the package and now VSphere client lists them as Unmanaged.  The funny thing is it is still listed as 167859 in the packages menu in pfSense.  Can anyone explain this change in Vshere client without a version change in fpSense?

    My understanding is that Unmanaged is not necisarily an indication of a problem, it just means you can't manage it via vCentre.

    Can anyone confirm that everything is OK even though it is listed as unmanaged?

  • VSphere Client often recognises the OpenVM-Tools as out of date…

    it only means that if you run some unmanaged machine you do not have the ability to (soft )shut them down or else via the VSphere-Client, you need to do it over the GUI of pfSense itself...

    Do not worry... it's ok ;-)

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