User athentication + mutliple subnets

  • Hi

    I am setting up a pfsense box to use at our local lan party.

    We require $10 to get into the lan and have had some issues w/ not being able to get money from everyone, so i thought of using Captive Portal to allow the person access once they pay, so i can setup the php part of it w/ users and such, but i was wondering if there was a way of restricting the user access to the lan using captive portal, something like a different subnet or assigning them a bad ip address,

    it isn't that i just want to block them from the internet, but i also want to keep them off the network entirely.

    Thanks for any help

  • I ussually setup Captive Portal on a separate interface and then you should be able to use firewall rules to restrict them from accessing the other network.  So yes different subnet on the other interface.

  • What i was looking for is to dynamically switch the user from not having a working network at all except for connectivity to just the captive portal to having full network use and internet use once they pay and i accept them.

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