Default Drop Rule being applied when pass rule is in place…

  • My Lan Net is and IDF Net is

    I continue to see the following firewall block being logged…
    Oct 28 11:32:12  LAN  TCP:R

    However, on the LAN Interface my first two rules are
    *  IDF net  *  LAN net  *  *

    • LAN net * IDF net * *

    On my IDF Interface my first two rules are

    • LAN net * IDF net * *
      *  IDF net  *  LAN net  *  *

    Now, please understand, I have no problem with being wrong, and from what I've read, I only need a rule for which interface the traffic is coming in on.  However, I was trying to see if I could solve my problem by adding some additional rules.  I'm running 1.2.3-RC3.

    I do have a multiwan setup and several other vlans...  Let me know if you need any additional info, and any insite that someone can provide will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks guys/gals!  :)

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