Simple firewall question - Email

  • I hadn't even heard of pfSense or the possibility of turning a computer into a router until two days ago. My D-link router was constantly crashing when I used bitorrent and after some googling I stumbled upon this. I went out the next day on the hunt for an old computer and by luck picked up a P3 1ghz with 384mb of ram with 2 ethernet ports for $39. Installation and setup was super easy and it's working amazing. The only minor glitch is I can check my email but I am often getting an error that it couldn't connect to the authentication server. My email provider uses ports 25  and 995.  Do I need to create any special firewall rules, is this what is causing my problem?


  • No special rules needed.

    What you describe sounds like some kind of MTU error or similar.
    What messages do you get in the system log?
    (Status –> System Logs)

  • There is nothing in the system logs whatsoever. I'm glad I checked though, I left a port open for bittorrent even though I wasn't using it, it showed about 40 different hits on that port last night. I don't know if anything got through though??

    Evolution mai has always worked great. I leave my desktop on 24/7 and it automatically checks for new emails at a regular interval. If I manually hit send/receive it's fine. It seems that during one of it's automatic checks something is going wrong because when I open my computer in the morning, rather than have a bunch of new emails, I have a password prompt with this message:
    unable to connect to POP server Error sending password: -ERR authentication server unavailable.
    Encryption is SSL and port is 995.
    I never saw this until I installed pfSense so I think it must be related. MTU is 1492 and I am using pppoe, same value as my previous router.

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