PfSense as OpenVPN client and server, need help

  • Hi
    is it possible to make pfsense act like openvpn server and openvpn client at the same time?

    What I want to achieve is from the pfsense box have a persisten connection to another openvpn server, and at the same time pfsense acts like openvpn server and accept clients.

    Currently I have configured pfsense to act like OpenVPN server, and everything works fine.

    But I can't make it acts like client. Is it possible to configure it from within the gui, of shell?

    The tricky part is that the  other openvpn server uses PKI and tls authentication.I've tried to modify the client config from shell but it gives me some strange errors.

  • Yes this should be possible.

    Yes you can configure everything in the GUI.
    What doesn't work if you configure it as client?

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