Windows/Samba File share only one way via VPN

  • Hi everyone,

    after hours of googling and finally gave up and now hope to find help here in ths forum.

    I'm having the following configuration running:

    • Windows-Server ( with OpenVPN-TAP Device, running as Server and in TUN Mode (
    • pfsense Firwall with the following Interfaces: LAN 10.83.1.x, DMZ 192.168.83.x, OpenVPN Client

    To be a bit more graphical:
    Windows/OpenVPN Server(SITE A)|<–---Tunnel 192.168.88.x---->|(SITE B)pfsense----LAN/DMZ

    Now heres the actuall problem:
    The tunnel is running fine, I can access everything (e.g. RDP, VNC, DNS, FTP, etc) from the Site A to Site B and via verse, except for Windows File Share...
    BUT wait here is the tricky part:

    • From Site B to Site A I CAN access windows filesharing on all devices (wether Linux Samba or Windows FS).
    • From Site A to Site B I can't open any SAMBA Device, but all other services.

    Now for my checklist, what I have done so far:

    • I checked all my local firewalls, they are 100% disabled... so no Windows FW or such things are running, the only security is PFSENSE
    • I can't access neither via IP nor DNS, so the famouse "enable Netbios via TCP" is also from the list, right?
    • I enabled on the LAN Interface a FW rule, which allows ALL traffic coming from SITE A adresses (.88.x, .55.x) to go through... so no problem here too, right?
    • Since I can ping and trace and use other services from all Sites, I also take a routing issue out of my list too...

    I have the feeling that pfsense is blocking something I can't trace/understand... have you encountered the same problem? Or should I think about a reconfig of my tunnel?

    The pfsense is a ALIX-Board embedded 1.2.3-RC1 version... I'm planning to reinstall 1.2.3-RC3 soon.

    If you need more infos, please let me know, I'm happy to share them with you.

    Cheers and regards,

  • ok… now this is embarresing.

    After I posted this post, I was just checking again on all my configs, like Windows Settings, Openvpn and so on.

    Then I thought: "ok let's do something stupid and switch the machine I try to log into SITE B from..." so I took another client and tried to access a PC of SITE B... and there it GOES!!! All working fine... After that I tried to access SITE B from the Windows Server again and it was working...

    I can't explain why this works JUST NOW out of the blue but it does... so please ignore this stupid it guy and get on with the day  ::)

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