Ralink card - problem?

  • I have RC2 running fine with atheros and ralink, but after some small changes to ralink I'm unable to ping atheros card and pfsense freezes in some way, at least I can't ping it, and I can see and connect to both cards.
    Another thing is that pc is rebooted every day and then I can login to pfsense but if I change ANYTHING under ralink, then pfsense will 'freeze' again.
    How can I 'clean' all setting only for ralink and start from scratch with tat interface?

  • icon next to the ralink interface. Download your config.xml at diagnostics>backup/restore. I think all settings for that interface should have been cleared from the config.xml but just check to make sure. Reboot and start over with assigning the interface and configuring it.

    Does anything show up in the systemlogs when that happens? If you can't access the box anymore it might make sense to setup a remote syslog server to see what the last events are before the box goes down. Also what kind of system is this? If it's an embedded system make sure your PSU can handle 2 additional wireless cards.

  • It's a amd 200Mhz, well the problem was with WEP only, I searched more on forums, and it seems if i turn on WEP it will block webgui and any other access to pfsense, but wireless hostap is working while pfsense access is blocked :) Anyway, everything is fine.
    Can I mac filter access to wifi? I can't find it anywhere.

  • Macfiltering is not supported in the current wireless frontend. This will make it most probably in a version after 1.0 was released.

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