Clients on bridged VPN can't see each other

  • I have a working bridged VPN setup but when I tried to connect two remote PCs I found that they couldn't talk to each other.  It also appears that a client on the local LAN can only ping one of the remote PCs at a time.  If only one is connected they talk fine.  If I connect a second one the two remote PCs can ping the local PC but the local PC can only ping one of the remotes.  But no matter what the two remotes can not ping each other.

    My configuration pretty much looks like except there is no "local network" specified.  Of course my IPs and certificates/keys are different as well.  I've also added these lines to the config.xml:  I have rules on WAN and LAN to pass everything (I recreated it in a virtual environment for testing.)

    Am I doing something wrong or am I missing a custom command?

  • push your dns name and settings if applicable and also include the local network, do an ipconfig on each computer to see what ip addresses they are getting from the set up in the picture they should be getting and 41 and try disabling the client to client option since the connection is bridged dont think you need extra routing to route packets from one remote to another

  • I have tried with Client-to-client enabled and disabled.  The PCs are getting the proper IPs and related settings.

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