Traffic Shaping + Transparent Bridge + Layer7 + DHCP relay ($300)

  • Hello folks,

    I already tried this same post at another forum, but it wasn't succesful, so I'll give a shot also here.

    I've been playing for more than a weeks with pfSense-2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA-512mb-20091019-1122-nanobsd (FBSD-8.0 Branch). I haven't been able to get what I want.

    I am trying to have transparent bridge and traffic shaping working in pfSense 2.0. Preferably the same package would contain DHCP relay to another subnet. Traffic Shaper must facilitate Layer7 capabilities, not blocking P2P, but directing it to qP2P and also handle known games accordingly to qGames.

    I have managed to create a bridge but the traffic is not shaped at all as it does also on v1.2.

    Neither have I been successful in Layer7 filtering in routing nor in bridged mode. I have read carefully all posts here in forum, but the examples shown did not work for me. I don't want to block P2P, my intent is to restrict into minimal queues.

    Neither have I been successful in DHCP relay. There is an error saying something like this: /usr/local/sbin/dhcrelay -i -i vr1 ip.xx.yy.zz - interface vr1 not known host. This seems a bug.

    As pfSense is as great product as it is, I'm willing to pay $300 for working config file and detailed guidance how to use it. Config file can be uploaded here in public forum so that the other members can also have it.



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