Outgoing SMTP port [SOLVED]

  • Hello,

    I`m trying to block port 25 from LAN (this address sends a lot of spams).

    for example:
    tcp -> WAN address:58345 -> ESTABLISHED:ESTABLISHED

    I have added this WAN rule:

    reject TCP * * 25 (SMTP) *

    but it not works. The address still connect to any by port 25.

    What is wrong?

    Thanks in advance


  • Rules work inbound on interfaces and not outbound.
    –> Your rule on the WAN-tab does nothing.
    The rule would have to be on the LAN-tab.

  • thanks,

    I start to understand pfsense firewall. It`s very important to know that Rules are inbound.

    I have solved it. First LAN rule is:
    reject TCP * !local_smtp 25 (SMTP) *

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