RRD Traffic Graphs inconsistence

  • Hello!

    I have two pfSense chained and until today RRD Traffic Graphs were correct.

    But today I have inconsistence for my traffic graphs …

    pfSense1 is only a balancer and graphs seem to be correct:

    pfSense1 WAN in --> 877.83 MB
    pfSense1 OPT1 in -> 726.36 MB
    pfSense1 LAN out -> 1.73 GB

    pfSense2 WAN is directly connected to pfSense1 LAN and:

    pfSense2 WAN in --> 540.53 MB (?)

    If I watch to the packet graphs instead, these graphs are correct:

    pfSense1 WAN in --> 729.82 k packets
    pfSense1 OPT1 in -> 627.48 k packets
    pfSense1 LAN out -> 1.33 M packets
    pfSense2 WAN in --> 1.33 M packets (Ok!)

    The version for the two devices is:

    built on Thu Oct 22 05:53:52 UTC 2009


    Josep Pujadas

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