Booting from PXE through a VPN?

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    Trying to find out if such a thing can be done. Have a DHCP server and everthing else setup to boot systems up with PXE at Site 1. What I want to know is can I setup an open VPN between site1 and site2 and somehow push my PXE requests through to site1 or have my server listen for PXE requests on site1 and site2 networks at the sametime? If this can be done any and all help would be wonderful. If there is any other info needed please let me know and I will respond as quick as I can.

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  • If you establish a tunnel using pfSense or some other firewall, you can use the DHCP options on the remote site to point to PXE server at your home site.

  • Not sure I understand exactly what the OP wants.  I had the impression there is no DHCP server at the other site, so that wouldn't work.  Unless you ran openvpn in bridged (tap) mode?

  • Well that's the beauty of it. I don't have anything setup at the site2 location so whatever needs to be done can be. PfSense would be setup on both sides as the firewalls and OpenVPN tunnel would be setup via PfSense. Site1 has a standalone server that does DHCP and PXE. If I was to do the bridged VPN tunnel would the systems at Site2 pull there IP address from the DHCP server at Site1 more or less just making it an extension of Site1's LAN?


  • you could maybe, but not worth it, i don't think.  if you have a pfsense at the other site, have it do dhcp and have a different subnet over there.  there is nothing at all that requires PXE booting to be on the same subnet - you just need (IIRC) for the dhcp client options for site2 to point at the tftp server on site1 - once it has an IP everything should just work :)

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