FTP Traffic ignores Failover pool order

  • Existing Setup:
    two WAN links - WAN is a T1, WAN2 is a 10Mb fiber connection.

    I want all traffic to prefer to use the WAN2 connection unless it is down.  This works perfectly for all HTTP/ HTTPS downloads, etc.
    However, for FTP downloads, the WAN connection is being used, which is much slower.
    The current rules on the LAN interface are:
    *  LAN net  *  WANsubnet  *  WANIP
    *  LAN net  *  WAN2subnet  *  WAN2IP
    *  LAN net  *  *                  *  WAN2FailToWAN

    Is there something obvious I am missing here?  Is there some hidden FTP helper option that is breaking stuff?

  • check and make sure all of the ftp userland helpers are disable.

  • And where do I do that?

    Just an added note:  I'm on the latest snapshot:
    is the last update I applied.

  • You disable the ftp helper on the interface. You'd want to check the LAN interface. If the ftp helper is active, all ftp traffic will use the helper and go out the WAN.

  • Yeah, I just found it in the LAN interface, and yep, that was the problem.
    Thanks guys!

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